Lilli Burlero (lilliburlero) wrote in deleuzism,
Lilli Burlero

minor lit. -- irish lit. -- lloyd & mangan?

Any ideas on the application of Deleuze/ Guattari's theory of "minor literature" to an Irish context? On David Lloyd's use of it with regard to Mangan? I'm actually trying to write about Austin Clarke as a minor writer -- the ideas of minor literature as being non-subjective, non-representative and non-designatory interest me in particular with regard to his long poem _Mnemosyne Lay in Dust_, but also "The Hippophagi". But how minoritarian/marginalised are Irish writers in the English language, particularly by the 20th century? And the emphasis on revolution also disturbs me. Does a largely established, though not always Establishment figure like Clarke count?
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