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Deleuze and Fellow-travelers

philosophy of immanence

Deleuze and fellow-travelers
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Community for the purpose of discussing philosophy associated with Deleuze. Let's keep it broad but intelligent- comments on news are welcome when relevant, comments on developments in labor or technology or art or science or theology, etc.
"Deleuzism" is just a holding place, a way to draw people together who are interesting in philosophies of radical immanence. If you are interested in philosophy without purity, thinking that does not judge the world but instead creates spaces for new connections in the world, if you are interested in Spinoza, Nietzsche, Bergson, Irigaray, Feminist philosophy, Duns Scotus, Agamben, Negri, etc., you are welcome here.

This community is especially targetted to people trying to invent new ways of living provoked by this line of philosophy or tied to it. How does Nietzsche relate to labor unions, how does Bergson's idea of time relate to Christianity, etc.? How do we assemble new machines of desiring-production tied to a vision of the world as becoming?

If you are interested in exploring the ideas prominent in Buddhist philosophy using the Western canon (well, the unorthodox edges of that canon), you might find this work useful.

Also please post excerpts from this line of thinking that you find useful, or good essays, etc. If volume is down I'll try and post some good excerpts once a week. Book reviews and chapter synopses are also great to throw in.

Be respectful, let's keep the arrogance and outrage down, and perhaps this might become a well-functioning Event.