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JDS and Deleuze

Whereas I know that the work of John Duns Scotus has been hugely important and debated in both french and italian (and I am sure other european languages), his work remains almost completely used by classicists or theologians in the states. My interest in his work began, of course, with Deleuze's mention of him in Difference and Repetition, what I am curious about is other places in english I can find more critical receptions of his work. if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

(the only other one I know of is Eric Alliez's Capital Times).
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The first post! Where'd this community originate anyway? I haven't heard of this JDS fellow, I'll have to look into him.
yeah, amazing, someone actually posted here! unfortunately i know nothing about this JDS guy.
Copleston in his second volume of A History of Philosophy (I think that's the one) has a good 50 or so pages on JDS, though I haven't read it and therefore cannot comment on the content.
"The essence of the concept of number" by M. Heidegger is devoted to D.S., difference and analogy.
really? interesting. I know that in Being and Time heidegger just dismisses him with hardly a mention.
This work on the concept of number is perfectly retold in short in: R. Safranski "Heidegger. The German master and his time" in chapter abt. 1913-1915. Scot, according to Heidegger, is pre-phenomenologist
clearly, i'm a bit late in the game here. i don't know if this helps at all, but Erwin Panofsky talks a bit about John Duns Scotus in his "Gothic Architecture and Scholasticism." and he 'footnotes' the heck out of everything; check his notes. it's a supe-compact book, so it shouldn't be hard to find the references to your guy in there. actually, just go straight for the notes in the back. so it should point to the most relavant sources -- if you check Panofsky's footnotes, i mean. i hope i'm making sense. good luck.
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